This page holds relevance to anyone interested in Extra work on Z Nation.

THIS PAGE WAS LAST UPDATED AT 8:00am on 4/14/2018.

Z Nation Season 5 will shoot in the Spokane area! ZOMBIE AUDITIONS have been scheduled. (click on the link at the end of this page to register for your audition.)

If you are not yet in the online systems we use read, link, and follow through with the necessary steps below.

Be advised of the following 4 requirements for extras on Z Nation:

  1. ONLY those who attend ‘zombie auditions’ and/or have been cast as zombies in past seasons will be eligible for ‘Zombie Extra’ work in season 5. All others can be considered for ‘Human Extra’ work. If you have a mind to audition for zombie work, we would encourage you to watch any/all of the first 4 seasons of the show to study zombie movements. (available on Netflix). You might also watch this video: Zombie Auditions.
  2. EVERYONE MUST be 18 years of age or older, unless otherwise stated.
  3. EVERYONE MUST be represented by an agency. This production will only book extras working through a talent agency. If you are not currently represented by Big Fish NW for extra work, click here instructions and general information. If you are currently represented by Big Fish NW, your Big Fish NW-AgencyPro (AP) & Casting Networks-Big Fish Background (CN-BFB) profiles must be current. If you need to update photos on CN-BFB, there is no charge for extras to do so … send the images to vs. replacing on the CN site. [Note: If you are a Big Fish NW Talent principal character actor wishing also to be considered for extra work, you will need to ‘link’ your main BFNW-Casting Networks profile to CN-BFB. Not sure how? Ask]

If you do not have the proper profiles you will not be able to work on Z Nation.


The extras casting team on Z Nation uses an online profile/casting system to book the show; and, Big Fish NW uses yet another online system when casting the majority of the projects we book. We cannot submit you for opportunities unless you have profiles (both accurate and current) in the two online portfolio systems. If you have not completed your profiles, start here:

If you would like to register for the May 5, 2018 Zombie Auditions, CLICK HERE.


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