Are you looking for voice-over representation?

The voice is truly such a small piece of the puzzle. First, you must learn to use the voice effectively, and in ways that aren’t always natural, in a medium where all we get is … the voice. Then, you must learn and become comfortable with the equipment. Next, create an .mp3 demo that can compete with the many many other voices in your range.

Once perfected, you must then market the demo to everyone who will listen. Then, hope that at some point someone will find your voice right for their project. When they do, depending on where the client is located, you will either audition at their studio of choice or, more likely, they will request a self-recorded audition. It is not an unusual thing for a working VO talent to have 20 or more auditions in a week; and, anywhere from 30 to 400+ might be in competition for the job.


There are small studios in every community that will generally offer greatly reduced rates to talent for auditions. Using one of these studios is an option, of course; but, depending on the success of your marketing, you should expect to audition a lot. A lot! You may find that both the studio’s charges, combined with your travel time, will tally quickly enough to justify the cost of building your own audition (or greater) quality studio.

Casting for many of the larger paying projects will seek talent nationally; and, in some cases even globally. Mostly, these larger clients pay any studio charges for the final session (not the audition). There are many projects where the client will only consider talent, not local to their preferred studio, if they have professional quality home booths.

Got questions on this topic? Research! There is a ton of great information on all of the above ‘out there’.

Are you looking for a voice-over coach?

Here are only some of the VO Coaches/Demo Producers we can recommend. These all work over telephone/skype or in person. There are many more excellent VO coaches ‘out there’, research!

Curt Hawkins
Boise-based VO coach & demo producer.
Veronica Weikel
Seattle VO coach & demo producer.
(360) 863-6298
Nancy Wolfson
L.A.-based VO coach & demo producer.
Leslie Bailey
Portland-based VO coach & demo producer
Klem Daniels
Seattle VO coach & demo producer.
Phone (206) 459-7622
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