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Sexual Harassment

With recent ‘Me Too’ revelations, it is important for you to understand the rules by which we will conduct internal business, our relationship with you and that of the production clients with whom we work.

As a SAG-AFTRA franchised agency, we are privy to their pearls on the subject of sexual harassment. The three links below are a quick read; and, as members of the human community … are excessively important. READ!:


Education & Training. We’ve never met an actor who doesn’t need training in some form.

Photography Thoughts. The headshot is often called the actor’s first audition. Your images are your first, perhaps only, chance to shine.

Resume.  Always ‘served’ firmly affixed back-to-back to your headshot!

Talent Profile Services. Every Big Fish actor must be registered & CURRENT with 3 portfolio services.

Self Recording an AuditionInstructions for video recording auditions for the agency.

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How to properly measure sizes. Always get assistance.

Big Fish Talent VoucherNot required for every gig; but here when you need it!

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Casting Networks Login. Update your Big Fish/Casting Networks profile.

Casting Frontier Login. Update your Big Fish/Casting Frontier profile.

SAG-AFTRA information. If you want to know more about union work.

SAG-AFTRA Member Services. Information, forms and more for SAG-AFTRA members.

Washington Filmworks. Advocates for the film industry in Washington.

Taxes. Click here for a great info on state and federal taxes.

Guides to being a Big Fish. All things to do and/or not to do as a Big Fish talent.

IMDb Terminology Glossary. Get to know the terminology of the production business.

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