WA Cares Act Form

We want to share some important information about the WA Cares Act exemptions that might affect you. Starting July 1, 2023, if you’re working on a project where a payroll company is paying talent fees, the WA Cares Act fees will be deducted from your payments. 

There are  several exemption pathways, and you can find more details at this link:

If you’ve already received an exemption approval letter, it’s a good idea to carry a copy with you and give it to the employer/producer/production (which is not Big Fish NW Talent.) when you fill out your payroll paperwork. They may not ask for it, but having the letter handy, and confirming your exemption with the employer, ensures that you’re covered. We’d like to help by keeping a copy on file and notifying the clients we work with.  You can upload your exemption letter to us below. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the responsibility lies with you.

If you don’t have a copy of your approval letter there are two ways to get more copies: either log in to your WA Cares Exemption account and download a copy by clicking on the ‘Exemption ID’ of your approved exemption, or Call 833-717-2273 to request more copies be mailed to you.

WA Cares Act Exemption Approval Letter

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