The purpose of training as an actor is the same as it is in any industry … to learn new things, to stretch and to maintain optimal readiness.

Every actor must be sure their business has an ample education/training budget. These dollars should be spent throughout an actor’s career, taking a workshop here … a private lesson there … then a class, until you feel you’ve learned it all; and, then, it is then time to start all over again. If you’re always workin’ it … you’ll always be ready.

Big Fish NW Talent does not offer any in-house training or workshops; however, we recognize that continual training is the cornerstone of the best we represent. You will find great coaches listed below along with a link to current workshops in the region. We suggest you consider working privately with a coach and take as many workshops as you’re able. Remember, some may offer similar ‘classes’ but every coach offers a different perspective. Find a coach to trust and to learn.

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Find A Coach

Aaron Levin
Seattle Private coaching
Stanislavsky based acting.
(206) 526-2466

The Blue Door Theater
Spokane Improv workshops.

American Laboratory Theatre
Sandpoint, ID

Dawn Taylor Reinhardt
Big Fish NW Talent’s Director of Education.

Seattle Acting coaches with a theater bent.
(206) 323-7499

Charles Waxberg
Seattle area acting coach

(206) 332-7908

*Jodi Rothfield
Seattle casting director. On-camera and
audition workshops.

*Heidi Walker
Casting by Walker & Co, aka Big Pants Casting

*Kalles CSA/Levine Casting
Seattle casting director. On-camera and
audition workshops. (206) 383-9001

Klem Daniels
Seattle-based VO coach & demo producer

Nancy Wolfson
L.A.-based VO coach & demo producer.

*Nike Imoru
Pacific NW casting director & acting coach.
Rare workshops. Check website for any news.

Sara Edlin-Marlowe
Spokane area acting coach.

Scott Burns
VO Coach & Demo Producer

Mighty Tripod Productions--Angela DiMarco and David S. Hogan
Seattle area acting coaches

Spokane Civic Theatre
Theater-based acting workshops.

Suzanne Niles
Spokane area acting coach.

Veronica Weikel
Seattle VO Coach and demo producer.
(360) 863-6298

Kristina Haddad
Portland area acting coach

Wes Deitrick
Spokane area acting coach.

Tony Doupe
Seattle area acting coach

Andy Stein
Seattle area acting coach

The Studio Northwest
Portland area acting coaches

Brian Sutherland
Portland area acting coach

Karen Maseng
Portland area acting coach

Scott Rogers
Portland area acting coach

John Jacobs
Seattle Area

Also check with your local community theaters, colleges or community centers.

*Those who work in the casting field are typically excellent coaches. It also doesn’t hurt to learn a thing or two from the those who can also give you access to opportunities.

Sexual Harassment

With recent ‘Me Too’ revelations, it is important for you to understand the rules by which we will conduct internal business, our relationship with you and that of the production clients with whom we work. As a SAG-AFTRA franchised agency, we are privy to their pearls on the subject of sexual harassment. The link below is a quick read; and, as members of the human community … are excessively important. READ!:

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