Education & Training

The purpose of training as an actor is the same as it is in any industry … to learn new things, to stretch and to maintain optimal readiness.

Every actor must be sure their business has an ample education/training budget. These dollars should be spent throughout an actor’s career, taking a workshop here … a private there … then a class, until you feel you’ve learned it all; and, then, it is then time to start all over again. If you’re always workin’ it … you’ll always be ready.

Big Fish NW Talent does not offer any in-house training or workshops; however, we recognize that continual training is the cornerstone of the best we represent. You will find great coaches listed below along with a link to current workshops in the region. We suggest you consider working privately with a coach and take as many workshops as you’re able. Remember, some may offer similar ‘classes’ but every coach offers a different perspective. Find a coach to trust and to learn.


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Pacific Northwest Acting Coaches

Aaron Levin
Seatte Private coaching
Stanislavsky based acting.
(206) 526-2466

American Laboratory Theatre
Sandpoint, ID

The Blue Door Theater
Spokane Improv workshops.

Crystal Reiber
Spokane area on-going acting workshops.

Curt Hawkins
NW-based VO Coach & Demo Producer.

Dawn Taylor Reinhardt
Big Fish NW Talent’s Director of Education.

Seattle Acting coaches with a theater bent.
(206) 323-7499

Jason Hawkins
Portland area acting coach

Jim Cissell
Seattle VO Coach.

*Jodi Rothfield
Seattle casting director. On-camera and
audition workshops.

*Kalles CSA/Levine Casting
Seattle casting director. On-camera and
audition workshops. (206) 383-9001

Ken Kreps
On-camera and talent development

Klem Daniels
Seattle-based VO coach & demo producer

Nancy Wolfson
L.A.-based VO coach & demo producer.

*Nike Imoru
Pacific NW casting director & acting coach.
Rare workshops. Check website for any news.

Sara Edlin-Marlowe
Spokane area acting coach.

Scott Burns
VO Coach & Demo Producer

Scott Stohl
Seattle area acting coach

Spokane Civic Theatre
Theater-based acting workshops.

Suzanne Niles
Spokane area acting coach.

Valerie Mamches
Seattle Acting Coach for every kind of
audition situation.
(206) 524-9231

Veronica Weikel
Seattle VO Coach and demo producer.
(360) 863-6298

Wes Deitrick
Spokane area acting coach.

Also check with your local community theaters, colleges or community centers.

*Those who work in the casting field are typically excellent coaches. It also doesn’t hurt to learn a thing or two from the those who can also give you access to opportunities.

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