You should always think of your headshot & resume as one document. One important document!

Your headshot & resume is often your first audition with your client, your first chance to shine. It needs to be the best you can produce.  To work with Big Fish NW Talent Representation you will need to provide both digital and hard copy versions of your headshot & resume; and you will need to keep those items current throughout our relationship. We need digital for submissions to our clients and you need hard copy to be left with clients at auditions.

Hard copy Headshot & Resume (one document): The document you leave with the client at an audition. Needs to be 8×10, color with your performance resume securely affixed back-to-back to the headshot with staples on all four corners. (Yes, staple!) As a general rule you should take 2 hard copy headshot & resumes with you to every audition; more if requested. When 2 or more headshots are requested, take 2 or more copies of the same headshot & resume. Click here for more on resumes.

Digital photography: If you are interested solely in extra work or promotional work click here. If you are interested principal character work you will ultimately need professional quality images.  Regardless, be sure your online profiles always include one clear, current and color headshot in the 1st photo slot; and, in the 2nd slot, a full body shot … clear, current and color. Only you should be in the image, wearing no hats or sunglasses, etc.

Wardrobe: Something casual that gives an idea of your figure. AND, smile, please! You must have the copyright for all images you post.  Adult actors should replace their headshot once a year and children every 6-8 months. Additionally, all images should be replaced if there has been any major physical changes: weight loss, major hair cut, facial hair.

Headshot Examples

Headshot example

3/4 Image Examples

Example of 3/4 body shot images in photography

Example of 3/4 images shots

Full Body or Special Skills or Images of Interest

These are great examples of images of interest or images that show off your special abilities.

These are great examples of images of interest or images that show off your special abilities as well as are full body shots that show us your physique.

FORMAT OF IMAGES: No background distraction, clear, able to see you and only you.

  • Hardcopy: 8×10. Color.
  • Digital: 350 pixel width. Color.

Hair & Makeup Stylists

Please spend your photography budget wisely to get the best shot possible. Have a stylist do your hair and makeup prior to your photography session. Many photographers have a stylist available. Expect an additional fee for this service.

Headshot/Portfolio Photographers

We encourage you to speak to each photographer to get an idea of ‘the man/woman’ and their fees. Check out their website and/or see their work in person.




Some Basics

Seek a friendly commercial headshot. Welcome the camera with a bright smile. It is recommended that you literally chuckle as you look into the lens. You might also consider a more dramatic shot that shows a bit of character for film/television work. Additionally, you’ll need a full body shot to include your digital portfolios.

A photography session usually involves 24-36 proofs. Make sure to include a couple of full length shots in addition to good tight headshot options. We recommend splitting your session with one ‘hip casual’ and one ‘corporate’ look. As a general rule you should avoid white, black, tight patterns and logos in your shirt choices.

Wear something that matches your eyes and that you feel comfortable in. Choose a photographer that will give you ‘proofs’ in a digital format. Above all else, trust the photographer to do a great job! Have everyone you know look at them, your friends, your agent, industry colleagues, etc. From those favorites, select which you like the best and purchase the full-sized copyright images from your photographer.

Where do you go to get 8×10 images reproduced?

In order to make reprints of your headshot(s) you will need the copyright from the photographer. They will provide you with hardcopy notification; but you should also ask them to send an email to the agency giving you permission to use the images digitally. Our strongest recommendation is to have a pro handle your reprints.

We recommend because of the quality of their work and because they offer lesser reprint quantities than most of the reproduction houses out there. Below you will find the websites of three other companies as well. With all, you can email them the high-resolution files and they’ll take it from there.

If you have a decent photo printer, or access to one, photo stock paper and a reasonable knowledge of your image processing program you can easily print the headshot yourself … making sure to adjust all printer settings for photo-quality prints, printing on glossy paper, etc.

Note: use only photo stock paper and only the paper recommended by your printer manufacturer!!! If you don’t have or have access to a good photo printer, you can take or email the file to a printing-type company like Kinkos or Sir Speedy. Have them print one to make sure they can print a good image.

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