Accurate Clothing Sizes Are Required

We must have all of your clothing sizes and what you provide in your portfolios needs to be accurate. If you do not know any/all of your sizes we suggest to find a tailor, dry cleaner,  tux shop, good retail clothier or ask someone to assist you who can accurately measure. If measuring without professional assistance, use the guide below;  but please do not attempt to measure yourself. Have someone assist.

How To Measure

  • Head/Hat: Measure roughly an inch above the ears and around the crown of the head – as a hat would sit generally.
  • Neck: Measure at the base of the neck around the collar area holding the tape in a ‘v’ just as a collar buttons.
  • Sleeve:  Begin at the center of the back, just below the neck, bending the elbow slightly, measure across the shoulder, around the elbow and down to the wrist.
  • Chest/Bust: Don’t squish — measure all the way around the bust and back right at the nipple line, and make sure the tape measure is even.
  • Waist: Bend to the side and put the hand exactly where you bend – this is the natural waist.  Measure all the way around at this level.  It is the narrowest part of your abdomen, generally.
  • Hips: Measure at the very biggest part, even if it seems a little low.
  • Inseam:  Hold the tape measure at the top of the inner thigh (at the crotch) and measure down to the ankle bone (just the top of the foot).
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