FAQ of the Day: How does Z Nation extras casting work?

Apr 25, 2018 | Z Nation

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  • The directer determines the type and number of background players needed for the scene(s) shooting each day; and, provides a breakdown to the extras casting team.
  • The casting team inputs this information into the Casting Networks system and sends these details and other background requirements to the talent agencies of their choice (Big Fish NW is always included!)
  • The talent agent working the Z Nation project reviews and forwards to any talent under the agency’s banner who meet the physical specs for the role, in the form of an ‘Availability Check’ (*which in Casting Networks = Audition)
  • Talent who receive the Avail Check, read all specs, check they are available for the date(s) requested, then respond as indicated WHETHER OR NOT they are available.
  • The talent agency then forwards all available to the casting team.
  • The casting team and/or the director make talent selections for the given scene(s); and, notify the talent agency as to who they’d like to Book for the given date(s).
  • The talent agency sends the selected talent a Booking Confirmation with all details and preparation notes. (*which in Casting Networks = Call Back)
  • The talent blocks off the dates indicated, reads through the prep notes and responds to the booking confirmation as indicated.
  • By 10pm the night before any date booked, the talent will receive Final Booking Details.
  • Talent then reports to ‘base camp’ as indicated in the booking notes; ready to listen and follow ALL direction given.
  • Talent receives payment directly from the producer within 15 days of their production date. Any discrepancies should be run through the talent agency.
  • Talent stands-by for the next opportunity!

*The Casting Networks system is not designed for extras casting; however, the Z Nation casting team manipulates the CN system for it’s use. So, you must remember … when in reference to a Z Nation extras casting only … when you see “Audition” in a notice sent it means: Availability Check and when you see “Call Back” in a notice sent it means: Booking.

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