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Mar 3, 2015 | Uncategorized

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from Washington FilmWorks
Facts to Fuel Your Personal Story
       In the two weeks leading up to Film Day (March 17), we are launching a letter writing campaign to get elected officials familiar with the film industry and help them better understand the importance of the production incentive program in building a strong and robust film community.
       Now is the time to reach out to your senator and two representatives. Encourage your senator to support SB 6027 and your representatives to support the companion bill when it is introduced in the House.
       It is particularly important that senators on the Ways and Means Committee hear from their constituents. In writing, encourage them to talk to Chair Andy Hill about scheduling a hearing and, of course, also ask them to support the bill.
       Here is the list of the Senate Ways and Means Committee members.
       In writing to your legislator, tell your personal story of why film is important to Washington State and explain how the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program has impacted your life and the lives of your family.
       We encourage you to include the three highlights from the fact sheet found on the Keep Film in WA website.
       You can also include some additional powerful economic data from the Washington Filmworks arsenal:
The Production Incentive Program has:
  • Supported 101 projects
  • Created $264.8m of economic activity
  • Provided over 14,000 jobs
  • Allowed incentive projects to spend money in every legislative district

The Film Office:

  • Is the first point of contact for the local and national film industry
  • Annually receives 350 calls from filmmakers, producers, and studio executives
  • Has 20+ years of production resources

Thank you for your continued support, passion, and dedication. Let’s Keep Film in WA!

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