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Q: What up with Z Nation?

We know Z Nation has been picked up for a 4th season. What we don’t yet know is if it will shoot in Spokane. The word is we could hear sometime early 2017.

Q: I am a principal character actor. What can I do to prep for a speaking role on Z Nation and other projects?

Q: I am interested in being an Extra on Z Nation and other projects. What can I do to prep?

  • You need to be registered with one of the agencies in the area (Big Fish is one, of course).
  • Your sizes, personal stats, special skills and contact information must be complete and current. Big Fish NW Talent submits to Extras Casting using the AgencyPro system. Click here for more on this portfolio services.
  • You must provide us, in the AgencyPro system, with the best possible photography. Pro images aren’t necessary for extra work. Click here for more on Extras Photography.
  • There will likely be some general zombie auditions where casting will rank potential zombies for placement into scenes.  To prep, watch Z Nation and study zombies moves. Watch any/all other zombie related shows/videos, too.

Q: Do I need to be a resident of Washington to work on Z Nation?

If Z Nation returns to Spokane, it will, once again, be a Washington Film Works incentive project. As a part of the incentive’s requirements, the producers must hire a lion’s share of resident actors. As is always the case, if casting has difficulty meeting all the requirements from within the state, they can and will open the roles to non-residents. All extras booked, with few exceptions, will need to be WA residents.

Q: How will I know when/if casting has begun?

You will hear from Big Fish through the AgencyPro system when casting begins.

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