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Today marks the first day of production of “Z Nation”, a television series shooting in Spokane, WA. Big Fish had 6 people on set today, another 19 tomorrow; and on Monday, another 16 extras will join a young Big Fish talent who will make his on-camera acting debut as a series regular on the show. Unbelievable!

I’m always amazed at how quickly time flies. In 1996, I put out a shingle at a great little office on Monroe Street in Spokane. It was a leap of faith that I’d have any success. Some of the first talent who approached weren’t even sure what a headshot was and most of the available resumes had no on-camera experience. Only a select few, in Spokane, were working the available on-camera projects; and the projects were small, few and far between. Over the years Big Fish and the Spokane market has grown … bit by bit .. until now we’ve made a ton of commercials, a bunch of films, and now, we are now a part of shooting a television series … in Spokane!!

Godspeed to the Producers, Directors, Crew, Wardrobe, Casting, Talent and all the rest! Make some good stuff!

Becky Reilly







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