Extras Handbook

The following notes will give you an idea of things to do and not do to assure we all play the part of a Big Fish!

Remember when on set you are representing yourself, Big Fish NW Talent, the casting department, the producer, our production community and indeed the entire industry in the Pacific Northwest! That may sound dramatic; but it is very true.

Rule 1. CONFIDENTIALITY is a necessity. IT IS IMPERATIVE  and you will be asked to sign a document assuring any information given to you, either by Big Fish NW Talent or the production team, remain for your eyes/ears only; and, you must assure what you see, hear and/or encounter on set remains on set.

NO CELL PHONES ON SET. They must be turned off and are not allowed anywhere near set. It is best to lock it in your car.

Understand that if you commit to a booking, at all reasonable cost, you MUST be on location at the time requested and you are saying you will and can be on set from your call time until they tell you to stop.

You will be given call time, location and wardrobe information as soon as it is available to the Big Fish office … Realizing that it could be very late the day before we get the shoot info for the next day’s extras. Most everything around film work happens very ‘last minute’. You cannot plan tomorrow until you know that today is done. So final call times and locations will not be relayed to us until late the night before any given production date. (You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your requested call time. No more or less. Really, 15 minutes is good. Consider Traffic.

DO NOT, at any time, ask anyone for autographs and DO NOT take pictures on set. You have been hired as a professional. You are there to do whatever they need to support the scene. The principal characters and crew are all there to do the same. Everyone must do their job.

Guardians: You are best to let your child do what they do … in other words, stay out of the way. Take things to keep yourself busy throughout the day as you wait for them. They will also need ‘busy’ items. Thank you.

Once you are booked, put a shoot bag together that contains: makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, eyeglasses, contact solutions & case, shoes, hosiery, belts, hair accessories – like: hair gels, sprays, tonics, combs, brushes, bands, barrettes, curling iron, etc.

Food is generally provided if your time on set runs through regular meal hours; however, there are exceptions. I would encourage you to take along in your shoot bag water, snacks or any special dietary needs. If you are on any special diet, we always encourage to take your own food. Don’t forget medications and items to occupy down times. Oh, and put a pen in that bag!

Take along the contact’s phone number or the location site phone number to call should you run into any difficulties as you head to your location. Include your agent’s phone number to call with any questions or problems. (you’ll find both of these number with your final shoot details.)

Call your agent and your on-set contact, the minute you’re aware, should you find that you are unable to make it to a location for any reason. Understand that throughout film productions our office hours expand. On production days we have been known to put calls out and still be working the next day’s casting until late night. So, if you are called, don’t hesitate to call back even if it is late in the day and if you have a problem don’t hesitate to call any time.

Each day on set, you will report to whoever is the ‘talent wrangler’ of the day. They will be your boss. It will be necessary for them and/or their assign to know where you are at all times. Believe it or not you’ll even need to ask to go to the bathroom. Once you begin your scene, the director is then your boss.

Your job is to listen, follow directions (written & spoken), and have fun with it … whatever the director asks … however many times he asks … enjoy the magical process. If, however, at anytime you feel you’re being asked to do anything that seems above and beyond what you knew your role to be; or, if anything about the project is different from what you understood it would be, request a moment to contact your agent and permission to use your phone.

The best Extras … the most often-used Extras are those who never assume they know anything, who ‘shut up’ and really listen to what is asked and have such fun delivering.

Big Fish NW Talent Representation

Big Fish NW Talent Representation