Z Nation News for Non-Washington Residents

May 6, 2014 | Extras Casting, Z Nation

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The Z Nation project is being shot with the assistance of the Washington State Film Incentive program.  Essentially, it means the producers get 30% back on every Washington dollar they spend … whether a paper cup, a camera operator, a caterer, a pen or a talent.

While we understand that there could be exceptions, what this means to many who live outside the state is that they are likely to be considered only after the supply of Washington-based talent is exhausted. This is especially true for the available extra roles.

If you fall within this non-WA-Resident group, you should realize there is still hope for you on the Z Nation project; in addition, there is more hope on any of the projects Big Fish NW Talent books in the Pacific Northwest . So, what should you do to stay in consideration for whatever roles we might have for you? Keep an eye to your emails & our blog and keep your Big Fish/AgencyPro profile current!

Becky Reilly

Big Fish NW Talent Representation