FAQ of the day … How do I nail this Zombie Extras Audition?

May 2, 2014 | Extras Casting, Training Bits, Z Nation

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People have asked for my advice as to what they should do to ‘nail’ the audition for available Zombie Extra gigs on ‘Z Nation’?

The answer, no matter the gig, no matter if extra or principal is to listen to what they say and follow their directions. No matter who is offering the directions, the receptionist, the camera operator, or the guy behind the table.

Whether at an audition or on the set, you never know who you’re talking to; so, no matter the directions given or who gives them … follow.

Don’t ask a lot of questions. Save your questions for us, your agent.

Realize your job, as an Extra, is to be an intelligent moving prop. You must let them move you. Whatever they ask of you, do it to your best ability.

The better you can do all of that, the more likely you’ll be booked into this project and other projects.

So, put simply, listen to everyone, follow every direction & above all else, have fun and enjoy the process!

Becky Reilly

Big Fish NW Talent Representation