FAQs of the Day … I auditioned to be a zombie extra, what happens next? AND, I wasn’t able to audition, what happens next?

May 4, 2014 | Extras Casting, Z Nation

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 I auditioned to be a zombie extra, what happens next?
I wasn’t able to audition, what happens next?

Whether or not you attended the zombie audition/school on Saturday 5/3, the answer is the same: We are awaiting the call from casting to see how many, when and who they want to book from Big Fish.

In the meantime, each week Big Fish will send out an Extras Calls. Anyone receiving an Extras Call is eligible to submit their availability. To be considered for that Call you must respond as requested within the call.

Some roles cast will be zombie extras and others will be non-zombie extras. We understand that if you are booked as a zombie extra, you can still be considered for a non-zombie extra role. However, once you are booked as a non-zombie extra you can only be considered for zombie extra roles thereafter.

Those who attended the audition/school on Sat 5/3 … you are in the running to be among a large group of Zombie Extras that will be called upon regularly throughout the 16 weeks of production.

If you were unaware of that audition it is likely that you are under 18 years of age or that you are not a Washington resident or that the slots were filled before you were able to register.


Do you need to be available every day? No, we know that not everyone can be available every day. So, don’t stress if ever you must turn down a day’s work. There will be more!

When will you know if you have been cast?  The honest answer is: You will know you have been cast when we make the call to you to tell you you have been cast. It is a fact that we have no way of knowing when and/or even if you will be cast. We can only say that if you follow the instructions in each week’s Extras Call and keep your information current, you will be considered for work throughout the 16 weeks of this production. And, because of the number of extras that will be needed, it is likely you will be offered an opportunity.

Will there be an audition for minors? We have been advised that while there will be call for minors for various scenes throughout the 13 episodes, there will not be many roles to fill. None of the available roles are likely to be zombie roles. As a result, there isn’t likely to be a zombie extra audition/school for minors. See more news for “Little” Big Fish in our next post:

The production begins 5/15; so keep an eye to your email for our first Extras Call.


Becky Reilly

Big Fish NW Talent Representation