FAQ of the day: How does Z Nation Extras Casting work?

May 18, 2014 | Extras Casting, Z Nation

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Here’s how extras casting works … The Casting Department sends us a breakdown for the coming episode’s scenes that includes the roles we will be filling and their dates needed.
Throughout production, as you meet the general specifications for a scene you will receive availability checks (aka ‘audition notices’ through the Casting Networks system) and you will indicate each time whether or not the date works. NOTE: only confirm the date will work if you are and/or can make yourself TOTALLY free on the date given; knowing that call times are typically early morning and, if you are selected, you would need to plan on being on set for 12 hours … with the possibility of even more.
After you have confirmed your availability, any number of factors will determine whether you will be fully considered for the scene, like: gender, size, physical abilities, clothing sizes, hair color, height, special skills, etc. (This is why it is critical your profile is complete and accurate.)
We check with you when you meet the specs for a scene; and, then submit to Casting our list of talent who have reported as available on the given day. Casting, then, makes their selections for the scene. If you fit and they pick … we book you!
Typically, you will be notified if you are ‘booked’ within 2-3 days of the availability check. If you are booked, your Big Fish agent will send you a Booking Confirmation via email which will have all available details.
Mostly, you will have plenty advanced notice for your booking date; however, in an emergency situation we might check your availability to get to set ‘right now!’ and/or we could contact you late one night to see if you would be able to work the next day.
The information we provide you will give you all of the details you’ll need for both the availability check and for the booking if you are selected. If, however, you find you have any questions or concerns, ask us!
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