‘Active’ / ‘Not Active’ – What does it mean?

‘Active’ / ‘Not Active’ – What does it mean?

In addition to the free account offered, each of the online profile systems required of you for representation by Big Fish NW Talent, offers a premium account package with different benefits; and, each system will send occasional marketing emails encouraging you to ‘upgrade’ or ‘activate’ or when you log into their system you will receive pop-up warnings you are ‘not active’. What does this mean?

First, to understand the systems: AgencyPro is Big Fish’s daily working database and the key system we use to make submissions on your behalf. Casting Networks & Casting Frontier are the systems used by the majority of the casting directors in our region when requesting submissions for their clients. All three systems are used daily. Each system offers a free account which produces quite the perfect portfolio for us to submit. They each, also, offer a paid account.

AgencyPro uses the terms ‘Active’ and ‘Not-Active’ to indicate if your account with them is the paid or free variety, respectively. ‘Not-Active’ is AgencyPro’s term for someone who has not upgraded to a premium account in their system; BUT, this term is not related to your relationship with Big Fish NW Talent Representation. You are fully active with Big Fish NW Talent as long as all online profiles are kept current. Again, we have full access in all online systems to submit your portfolio to any of our clients for their consideration, whether or not you have a premium account.

You might ask: Is it worth ‘activating’ with AgencyPro or upgrading with any of the systems? If you’ve got ‘the chops’, have a reasonable amount of experience and/or training on your resume, have more than 2 great (pro) images to show yourself to clients, or maybe an awesome demo, and/or want to increase your presence & comparative appeal … consider upgrading to an ‘Active AgencyPro account’ and/or the equivalent in Casting Networks & Casting Frontier. Click the ‘Billing’ (or related) tab in each of the online systems to see the list of benefits & their pricing schedule.

If you choose not to upgrade in any of the systems you will receive regular marketing emails (many with sales or deals, btw); which you can ignore if you are not ready to spend that marketing buck. In the meantime, when you log into the AgencyPro system to edit or view your portfolio, you can ignore the pop-up; then, hover over ‘Portfolio’, click ‘Edit’, ‘View’, etc. to view or make changes to the data or images. (side note: AP does not charge for image replacement; while the other systems do.)

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