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Big Fish NW (BFNW) Talent handles all Principal work: On-Camera Principals, Voice-Over Artists and similar

Anchor Background, a sister company to BFNW, handles; On-Camera Background Extras and Promotions and similar.

More info and details are coming to both sites soon.


Anchor Background is a Pacific Northwest regional agency providing experienced extras, true ‘every man’ & great character faces,  intelligent people or whatever is needed for our clients’ projects.

  • We book extras into commercial, film, internet & television projects.
  • We supply merchandisers & other talent/staffing for live events.
Are you seeking extras for your film, television or commercial project? 

Tell us about your project here or send email with your project specs to:



Are you looking for work as an extra, commercial print model or promotions staff?

Your completing the tasks on this page is an audition, of sorts. Throughout our relationship, we need to know that you understand and can follow through with every detail we present.  So please read carefully and follow all direction. If you have any questions, ask. 877.424.4347 x 4 or

Big Fish NW Talent uses two different online portfolio systems to cast extras for projects in our region: Casting Networks (CN) is a casting management system used by many of the casting directors in the zone; and AgencyPro (AP) is the talent management system Big Fish NW Talent uses for every other project we book and is our working database.

To be considered for any opportunities, you must complete a free-basic profile in BOTH CN and AP: 
  1. Use the guidelines below to create a free Casting Networks profile listed under Big Fish Background (CNBFB). Click here for a direct link to begin your CNBFB profile.
  2. AND, use the guidelines below to create a free AgencyPro profile for Big Fish NW Talent (AP). Click here for a direct link to begin your AP profile.

Again, you need to complete and maintain profiles in both systems.

Be advised that your profiles will not be accepted if they do not meet the photography specs or you have not listed your sizes and other stats. So, be sure to fully complete both profiles.

Both your CNBFB and your AP profiles must have two CURRENT Color images. One headshot & one full body shot (see the sample images below and shoot accordingly) Professional images are not necessary for extra work; but ‘selfies’ will not be accepted. You must have someone to shoot the photos for you. We would recommend shooting in natural daylight; either in a well-lit indoor space with you facing the light or outdoors with you in the shade. Avoid using flash. We need unobstructed and non-distracted views of you … wearing no hats or sunglasses, etc. and you should be shot against a lighter colored background that is clean & clear. Only you should be in these images.  Please, wear something casual that gives an idea of your figure. AND, smile! If you are using professional images, you must have copyright permission from the photographer.

Casting Networks system will not let you upload the 2nd image for yourself without paying to do so; HOWEVER, you do not need to pay to post the 2nd image in Casting Networks. Once your CNBFB profile is created, attach your full body shot to an email, along with your name to:, subject line: BIG FISH BACKGROUND. It will be posted to your CNBFB profile at no charge.

Both of the profiles you create must include:

Other key areas of your portfolios’ data ….

  • Your Age Range. Note, this is not necessarily just the range your actual age fits into. We’re always dealing with a ‘look range’. You can check more than one box; so if, for example, you play younger, check any/all appropriate ranges.
  • Your Ethnicity. Again, this is not necessarily your actual ethnicity and you can check more than one box. While you may have many ethnic groups in your lineage, you should only check off ethnicities that you could ‘play’.
  • Your stats & clothing sizes. So many projects depend that we match heights, weights and/or some portion of clothing sizes to meet the client’s specs. Be sure yours are accurate. See further via the link above.
  • Your Special Skills. Please be sure to check off any/all of your skills, etc. in the Resume section of your profile. You should only check off things that you are familiar enough and capable enough to do well.
  • Use the ‘Special Characteristics’ field in AP to indicate you have tattoos, braces, physical limitations, abnormalities, body piercings, etc. You never know what piece of your stats will get you the next opportunity.
  • PLEASE be sure you have selected your ‘Cell Company’ in the ‘Contact Information’ link of your AgencyPro profile to receive text messages whenever important notices, like avail checks, audition notices & booking details are sent.
Resume Notes for portfolio entry:

On CN’s resume entry page, be sure to click on the green “+ADD new heading” button to add your experience into your resume; using their dropdown list in the order it is presented to input your experience. Skip any headings of the experience portion of the resumes where you don’t have experience.  In AP, be sure to scroll down below the experience section to check off your special skills. Theatrical roles can be listed with the character name; but, when listing a role from a commercial, industrial, feature film or television project you should always list your ‘billing’ vs. the character’s name, like: Star, Co-Star, Series Regular, Guest Star, Spokesperson/Narrator, Lead, Principal, Photo Double, Stand-in, Featured, Extra.

NOTE: Paying for either of the portfolio services’ premium features will not increase your chances of being booked. It is not required that you upgrade or pay for either of the system’s premium features.  Consider upgrading only if you are ready to upgrade your marketing presence. Be advised that if you do not upgrade, you will from time to time receive notifications from the services, prodding you to consider activating/upgrading your portfolio. If you’re not ready to upgrade, you can, with confidence, ignore this marketing and by-pass any warnings when you log into each service.


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