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Principal Character Acting Work

If you are an actor seeking representation for principal character workplease read more on the business of acting below; and, when you’re ready, send the following General Audition package to:

talent@bigfishnw.com, subject line: General Audition – Your Name:

  1. your name & contact info.
  2. your headshot & resume; along with any other current professional images you feel represent ‘you’.
  3. an ‘unlisted’ YouTube link with either your compilation video reel or a video-recorded dramatic/comedic monologue. (‘unlisted’, a YouTube setting). In the video description box on YouTube, please, include both a scene synopsis and a character description. Click here for self-recording guidelines.



If you are seeking voice-over work please visit our Voice Over page for more information.


The Business of Acting

As a Big Fish NW Talent you have access to professional acting opportunities in film, industrial training projects, television programs, commercials, print projects and more.

It is fair to say that professional acting isn’t always an actor-friendly environment. You must determine if it is right for you and you are ready for it. Our esteemed northwest colleague, Lana Veenker, has tough answers to some great questions in this Backstage article. <— Please, please read this article.

To be a successful Pacific Northwest actor, you need to think regionally. If you are able to travel to/from Spokane/Seattle/Portland/etc. Big Fish NW will have that many more opportunities for you. We have many ‘local’ actors who readily commute around the entire region for training, auditions and gigs; and, many who work/train/audition only within their main market city. All must continually work on and invest time, study and cash into their business if they expect anything in return.

There are 6 basic investment concerns
for the professional actor

  1. Self. Take care of yourself … mentally, dentally, physically. Without you there is no business!
  2. Communication. We must be able to reach you. You must have Internet access, an email address and either cell phone or land line telephone with voicemail. Texting ability is a bonus!
  3. Training. Should be the largest portion of your business’ expense budget. Training should be the first thing a newbie to the business should invest in and must be on-going throughout every actor’s career. You must continually work and practice the craft. Seek workshops, find a coach, seek training in all forms: audition techniques, acting for the camera, character development, improv, etc.  Always sharpening. Click for more on training and current workshops.
  4. Travel. You need to get yourself to/from auditions and gigs whether downtown, down the street or across the state. You’ll find that most of the opportunities coming from Big Fish NW Talent will take place in the Greater Northwest: Spokane, Seattle and Portland. As these opportunities are scattered throughout our broadly bordered region, each Big Fish talent needs to determine for themselves how much travel time & expense makes sense for their acting business.
  5. Wardrobe. Some projects will provide wardrobe; some will request options from your wardrobe. You should build your wardrobe for auditions to help you look, or at least, hint toward what ‘the character’ might wear. For bookings, start building from casual to business attire. Typically you should avoid avoid logos, tight patterns/prints, all white or all black outfits.
  6. Marketing. You need the proper materials. Start with
    • a great headshot … both hard copy and digital.
    • a good full body shot … digital only
    • a digital & hard copy resume reflecting your performance experience and training.
    • If you are looking to upgrade your marketing presence, consider any one or all of the premium services available on the various profile services.

Visit our Talent Resources for sources for photography, training & lots of other great resources for actors. Visit the ‘Current Workshops’ page often.

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